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Tech Marketing

A successful digital marketing plan takes a lot of planning and expertise to get the desired results when doing it on one’s own, Conversion Rate is the primary metrics for any successful campaign.

  • Lead Generation (BANT Qualified)
  • Content Syndication
  • Event Promotion & Delegate Acquisition
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Response Management
  • Unified Channel Marketing
  • Tech Marketing

    Lead Generation

    Stop generating leads manually, and start automating the process instead. You do not need to wait 6-9 months for your search engine marketing or optimization plan to kick in Techplus AI based Lead Engine “LeadXchange“ has already built out the sales funnel for numerous Tech Marketers and can simply starts sending Exclusive business leads to convert into customers.

    Our Platform is built on Cutting –edge Technology and has the most advance Analytical engine, Demand Mapping Algorithms and Validation Processes which enables our clients to fire up their performances and increase their revenue with higher lead conversions Each lead is verified on over Multiple data points, scored with proprietary algorithms and matched with filters determined by you to ensure the highest quality and the right intent guaranteeing your ROI.

    Sterling track record with 300+ Satisfied Tech Customers and more than 8000 Campaign managed & 150000 leads generated.

    “LeadXchange performance on CWS (Citrix Workstation Station) was excellent, I Suggest LX should be a part of your Lead Gen Annual Calendar”

    Tech Marketing

    Content Syndication

    The quality of B2B contacts is assessed only through conversion rate metrics. Imagine a newer model where quality comes first. Would it make a difference if you invest your efforts from the start on the Quality b2b contact or email list?

    Techplus Content Syndication model empower your marketing team to communicate on Intend based leads that have already expressed interest in learning more about what you have to offer, be it through whitepaper or webinar.

    What if you could directly target this Intend based Community composed exclusively with your best leads? Let Techplus Content Syndication be your elevator.

    “We’re run syndication across all the TechPlus web properties. Techplus provided a good mix of lead gen and brand awareness through Content Syndication"

    Tech Marketing

    Event Promotion & Delegate Acquisition

    Getting Right Audience comes from Data Intelligence and it helps you to convert event leads into business.

    Intend based contact will help you in promotion and attracting Delegates for Online Webinars or Onsite Conference...

    LeadXchange(LX) improves the quality of your audience by giving you direct access to opt-in prospects with interest in your solutions.

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    “It was a full house filled with IT Channel Partners at Chennai Westin, their enthusiasm to learn and share new dynamics of Cloud Channel was clearly witnessed in an intense business strategy workshop. We, NTT-Netmagic are honoured to be associated with Techplus Media’s “Most Impactful Tech Leaders” Awards which recognises the best channel partners in the region. Cloud is the new growth driver for their businesses and we would be part of their growth journey.”

    Tech Marketing

    Email Marketing

    It is one of the most effective marketing tools for Every $1 spent in email marketing $38 in revenue is generated (Campaign Monitor)

    Personalization in all of its forms will continue to grow, but the personalization of send time will be one of the fastest growing forms. 

Techplus Media Email services from itVARnews & CXOtv offer Send-time Optimization this functionality, which optimizes the send times of emails to individual subscribers based on their historical open patterns.

    “The Open Rate and response generation from itVARnews for developer Community within the given timeline was Very Good”

    Tech Marketing

    Website Response Management

    It’s important to know your website Visitor and CXOtv Tools help in understanding website visitor through their Search behavior and help you in converting them into a customer.

    “We linked our website visitors to Techplus LX platform, which empowered our Inside sales team to identify the most engaged account.”

    Jaideep Chakarborty
    CEO - Hipla
    Tech Marketing

    Unified Channel Marketing

    itVARnews UCM (Unified Channel Management) is designed to help Channels leverage marketing support without making fixed investments.

    itVARnews UCM (Unified Channel Management) provides full-fledged services with a set up that supports brands in the areas of:

    • Partner MDF Management
    • Partner acquisition & Enablement Program
    • Loyalty & Club programs
    • Membership support programs
    • Partner Events and promotions (End to End services Including Partner ABM activity)
    • Data management, profiling
    • Telemarketing – Inside Sales, Website response Management
    • Digital Marketing including Social Media engagement
    • ABM Marketing & Webinar Services

    ItVARnews has under its belt, over 10 years sterling track record with 600+ Satisfied Customers more than 3500 campaigns, 7000+ Partner acquisition & 21000 qualified sales leads.

    “Techplus, itVARnews UCM helped us to Identif, reach & influence ISV and Cloud Partners across length and breadth of India."

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