How India Adopts Digital Health post Covid-19

Covid-19 pandemic has been a test for the maturity of digital health technologies, be it for frontline care, surveillance or discovery of new strategies. Explore how India progresses on the digital health front as healthcare becomes top government priority



A recent report from Practo revealed that at least five crore Indians opted for online healthcare between March 1 and May 31, 2020, during the national lockdown, thereby recording a 500 percent growth in online healthcare consultations. The report also revealed that 80 percent of them were first-time telemedicine users. Also, 44 percent of the users were from non-metro cities. Structurally, it has been a big boost for digital healthcare in general, and a lot of behavioural change in healthtech. We expected this to happen over the next five years, but it happened within a couple of weeks.


In fact, Covid-19 has stress-tested healthcare systems and opened loopholes that need to be addressed. It has also shrunk the digitalization of healthcare from decades to months.


The future of digital health pertains to a myriad of technologies put together. Whether it is Artificial Intelligence (AI), advanced health sensors, genomics or robotic surgeries, or all of them put together, digital healthcare is very much technology-based only on paper. What really matters is how much of a cultural transformation can digital health and traditional healthcare go through.


Stay tuned with us during the upcoming CXO Digital Innovation Health Summit 2021 in a panel discussion titled, “Post-Pandemic dissemination of Digital Health.” The panel will reflect on developments in service delivery, artificial intelligence (AI) and data sharing instilled by the pandemic and consider which conclusions can be drawn so far for digital health, remote monitoring, telemedicine and data-driven clinical analysis.


Join the expert panellists including, Jeyaselan Jeyaraj, President, HIMMS; Dr Subhrojyoti Bhowmick, Clinical Director, Peerless Hospital; Chandra Mouli, CTO, Sankara Nethralaya; Dr Uma Nambiar, Chairperson, DHIndia; and Neeraj Lal, Group Senior VP, Medicover Hospital. Be sure to register today.


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