Unlocking Powerful Data to Personalize Care

Healthcare and life sciences organizations need to ingest the unprecedented amounts of health data being generated, contextualize the data, and build and participate in information ecosystems. The goal is to derive insights from the data to deliver better patient care, better outcomes and lower costs



The dream of using big data analytics, genomics and other diagnostic technologies to personalize medicine to make informed decisions about optimized and individualized patient care has been around for decades, but isn’t yet broadly realized. Hospitals remain staggeringly inefficient, unable to understand which treatments work best for their patients at the lowest cost. Doctors face a daily deluge of data on patients and increased time demands for data entry, but are not yet equipped with effective tools to access and analyze that data to help improve their patients’ health.


All these factors contribute to unsustainable costs and poor health outcomes, and all that traces back to the inability to access and properly understand data. How do we solve this? The answers lie in data.


However, healthcare is a very complicated industry with many barriers to progress. Data is siloed across institutions, greatly inhibiting our ability to analyze and understand it. Huge challenges remain, but unlocking this data will generate insights and knowledge that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare system.


How do we integrate and contextualize data to make sense of it through available tools including Big Data analytics, how can we break the silos of electronic medical records, how do we address privacy and accessibility risks to generate insights to develop targeted treatments and improved medication. These are few of the queries which will be discussed, investigated and resolved during the upcoming CXO Digital Innovation Health Summit 2021.


Don’t miss the panel discussion titled, “Unlocking Powerful Data to Personalize Care,” with panellists including Arvind S, Group CIO, Apollo Hospitals, Joy Chakroborty, COO, Hinduja Hospitals, Jeyaseelan Jeyaraj, President, HIMSS India, Pof Dr Supten Sabadhikari, Roster for Digital Health, WHO & Founding Member, HL7FHIR Foundation and moderated by Partha Dey, Founder Director, U4RAD Technologies on February 11, 2021 at 2PM. Be sure to register today.

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