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Intelligent Ayurveda Offers Healing Touch | Rajat Sharma

Rajat Sharma, Co-founder, We R Wellness explains how AI based technology driven Ayurvedic medicine is changing the Indian health care landscape.

Ayurveda is a science which helps us heal mind and body. Both, being crucial to our everyday functioning. At certain times we respond to the day to day symptoms that our body exhibits however there are some that could be grave in nature.

AI tech provides a very dynamic approach in terms of establishing the touch point which is key for maintaining health in these difficult times.

These touch points could be blood tests conducted, or a discharge summary. Our system takes up these points and places them under a morbidity score or a health score. Thus, allowing us to provide a customized solution on predictive health care model

Our devices play a huge role in these touch points like the ECG, spo2, Body temperature , Blood pressure, weight, Bmi, fat percentage, muscle mass, blood sugar. Each of these play an important role in filling the data pipe line to provide a complete evolving picture of one’s health, thus enabling the health practitioner to deliver the right preventive or acute care treatment.

Suitable questionnaire again plays an important role to add to the list of data points. These greatly help us doctors to get the right picture and then decide the right treatment for the individual. Mental health score, health quick summary, seasonal ailments can all be picked up with a simple digital questions which are swiftly answered on the app itself in minimum time.

Ayurveda is explained in a detailed manner, machine learning helps us to approach a case with a different solving solutions. Diet can be tracked very closely through enhanced technology. Ayurveda fundamentals like Prakruiti (Body type profiling) can be explored in detail with tech involvement. Also, this facilitates greater interactivity with patients and flagging off the health alerts and facilitating treatment plans more effectively. Also, the choice of herbs becomes increasingly effective when all the information is available on a single dashboard. Ayurveda practitioners are doing great job however, with AI intervening one can ensure a much higher efficacy and better response time to manage greater number of patients.

An Ayurevda based predictive health model can help to manage the chronic disease management more effectively and provide better solutions for ailments in advance thus reducing hospitalisation incidents and improving the quality of life of individuals suffering.

AI is a great tool which when integrated with Ayurveda, provides a huge fillip to help masses heal. Ayurveda can then solve a problem of Lyme disease of individuals in the West with best possible tech in an efficient manner.

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