How Manipal Hospitals Ensures Seamless Services during COVID Pandemic | NandKishor Dhomne

The leading network hospital has pro-actively invested on the latest collaborative solutions to build an integrated telemedicine system in a mobile application to deliver entire gamut of patient services, seamlessly

Collaborative technologies and telemedicine are doing more than just connecting doctors and patients over a video or voice call. In fact, telemedicine has gone way beyond conference call: new technologies allow doctors to monitor blood pressure and other vital signs and assist with operations from miles away.

Manipal Health Enterprise, one of the largest network hospitals in India serving over 2 million patients annually, is leveraging new-age technology solutions to offer seamless services to patients during the ongoing corona virus pandemic. The hospital has recently upgraded its patient app to offer quality healthcare at the click of a button. Besides video consultation, the hospital group has recently integrated services including booking an appointment, health checkup, lab reports, family reports, in-patient/out-patient billing, and home healthcare services to make it an end-to-end, completely integrated application.

“This app integrates the entire gamut of patient services including booking of appointment, billing and video consultation to sending the prescription to patient’s WhatsApp, pharmacy or laboratory. The entire process is automated, where medicines can be delivered to the patient and samples can be collected at the doorstep. Moreover, integration with IoT-enabled devices like wearables enables the app to capture vital measures and signs of the patients,” explained Nandkishor Dhomne, Vice President- IT and CIO, Manipal Health Enterprise.

In addition, patients can access their medical records including prescription and results of diagnostic tests in the app itself.

The hospital group, with over 6300 operational beds and network of 34 hospitals and care units, has recorded a huge acceptance of the app among the patients over the last couple of months during the corona virus pandemic. With the seamless service delivery and video consultation with the best specialists from any location, the hospital has been able to provide specialist consultation to over 5000 patients in April 2020. “Integrated application with video consultation has enabled us to increase the number of consultations from 20-30 in a month during March 2020 to over 5000 in April due to lockdown restrictions. The video consultation has become a game-changer for us and is going to stay as it goes beyond boundaries of the city, states and the country,” shared Dhomne.

Further, the app records the entire consultation and conversation between the doctor and the patient, which is stored as medical record for medico-legal purposes. The integration with WhatsApp also enables the hospital to send various alerts and push messages to the patients and customers.

In addition, the hospital is leveraging on the analytics solutions to offer dashboards for functions like hospital operations, finance, clinical, patient safety and patient feedback. All of these dashboards are built on the Qlik View platform, which automates the data collection and report generation. The analytical reports are automatically sent to the stakeholders. “We have built a strong dashboard vision of the entire organization and will soon move to predictive analysis. With 100 percent automated data collection and analytical report generation, we are well on the process to take the next step into predictive analysis,” stated Dhomne.

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