Technological Innovation in Cardiac Surgery

Dr. Sudhir Adalti, M.S.,M.Ch. (CTVS), Sr. Consultant Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgeon, Apollo Hospitals talks on the minimally invasive cardiac surgery

The minimally invasive cardiac surgery is what we are doing in Apollo hospitals. We call it anterior mini-thoracotomy.  In traditional cardiac surgery, we do normally operate through the chest, in front of the chest, 20 centimetre long incision, which is still a gold standard. And that’s what we compare our surgeries with. However, we have come up with a minimally invasive cardiac surgery program at Apollo hospitals since the last two months. We are offering patients five centimetres, just five centimetre long incision on the right of the chest or on the left of the chest and almost all the elements of the heart which required surgery can be done through these mini thorcotomy. This is what we label as minimally invasive cardiac surgery.

This is a modality which can be offered to our patients and it is important that it is known to the physicians. It offers a lot of benefits to the patient in terms of less blood loss, almost no infection, and most importantly, going back to work within seven days of their operation. And last but not the least important is scarring or the pain to the patient. It is almost minimal, very minimal. So it is a win- win situation for both patient and the physician. Physician is happy because patient is happy and patient is happy because obviously he has less pain.

The technological innovation here is the use of the latest instruments, latest vision of the cameras which have enabled us to do the same quality surgery which used to be done when we open the chest fully through these small holes. That is the innovation.

In US, somebody must be getting operated using robots in cardiac surgery, which is still a rarity in India because of the cost constraints. But hopefully in a year or two we should be able to do that as well so we could offer patients small one centimetre long incision only allowing robots to operate on them.

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