What is MEWS?

The MEWS in association with a call-out algorithm is a useful and appropriate risk-management tool that should be implemented for all surgical in-patients.

MEWS is “Modified Early Warning Score” as the name suggests early warning is where we do a scoring system by physiological parameters of the patient and we realise that the patient is probably going to deteriorate or worsen clinically so what we do is we do the scoring and there is a graded response chart where the scoring is populated against the action that needs to be taken as per the score and if those actions are taken in time a patient does not land up in trouble with ward. The medical team intervenes in-between code blue. It has been emphasized time and again by the accreditation board as well as the hospital quality teams that it is absolutely necessary that a code blue in ward is a nightmarish situation and the reason behind that is the team which initially responds is not the team who is actually trained to manage emergencies. It is always another team which rushes in and it’s a chaotic situation always and on the patient and the relatives it takes a toll because everything happens in front of the relatives eyes. MEWS is something which prevents that. The morbidity and the mortality of the patient is actually reduced drastically if you really follow the system.

Something which is present in India but we are not much aware of how it functions and what it goes.

So, I have had the pleasure of implementing it at multiple hospitals wherever I have worked and MEWS being an important part of hospital, our basic job is to prevent any patient who are deteriorating in warts and preventing a code blue for that matter.


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