Technology Changing treatment options in Oncology | Dr.Bhavesh Parek


Technology Changing treatment options in Oncology

Being a medical oncologist, I can say cancer specialist technology has a very important role in cancer. Through technology a cancer can be detected early and the subsequent cancer treatment can be very helpful to the society as well as to the patient.

Dr.Bhavesh Parek 

Technology is useful in detecting cancer as well as in treating it. By using this technology the patient can get cured from cancer. Overall, and we can create an awareness in the society by using the technology of mobile phone, r computer, social media and that is very helpful.


Using the latest technology in oncology is very important because most of the advance cases in India have been detected but are not getting cured. So by using e technology, we can detect cancer early; it can also help by screening and taking the vaccines early.


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