”We need to effectively answer the doctor’s concerns about Electronic Health Records”

Udayan Mandavia, Chief Growth Officer, iPatientCare

Udayan Mandavia, the Chief Growth Officer of iPatientCare, part of Assure Care LLC ,US based out of Cincinnati in Ohio

What are the important questions that require attention in terms of Electronic health record?

EHR is a huge investment for any doctor personally whether he works for his clinic or for the hospital. What we are looking at is the doctor to serve the patient more effectively and utilize this technology at the point of care. That though is very demanding.

The doctors though might think why should I use technology so much? Rather as a doctor, I would like to focus on my patient. I don’t want to type in front of the patient and, in fact, lose the confidence in their mind that I’m simply typing in computer. Also related to that, there would be issues like which software to buy, whether it is to be hosted on cloud or would I need a server in my office or in our hospital, whether it will integrate with other systems we already have in the hospital or not. And who is going to provide the training to me because the software keeps on evolving and typically doctors have no time to get trained on the technology part of it? We picked on these questions and are looking to answer them for the doctors.

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