”We have to effectively communicate the benefits of the HIS system to the doctors”

Dr. Vishavdeep Goyal, Chief Operating Officer, Apollo Hospitals

How did you look at overcoming challenges while transforming HIS System in hospitals?

As we all know, that the health care industry is undergoing a big transformation. A lot of technology is coming into play and a lot of hospitals are undertaking projects for HIS implementation. So, that is a very critical issue for the hospitals nowadays.

From operational perspectives, we face a lot of challenges in terms of the implementation of the process, the post implementation evaluation of the processes and then the change management process altogether. How do you ensure that the teams, the stakeholders and most importantly the doctors are on board to ensure that the HIS system is implemented effectively and used for the organization’s benefits? And at the same time the benefits have to percolate down to the customers, that is, the patient as well. That is the broad idea of having a HIS system and we had deliberated about the various challenges that are faced and how to overcome them. The strategies that we need to employ to ensure that the process is successfully implemented and also the ROI and the cost benefit analysis are done. We have to ensure the strategic decisions that were made are achieved.


What are the challenges you face while implementing HIS systems in Hospitals?

One of the most important challenges that is faced whenever we are implementing the HIS system is the acceptability especially among the doctors. Since we work in a very multidisciplinary environment, it is important that all the stakeholders are brought in line. They work together with each other. They work collaboratively to ensure that the exact requirements are met. And in this whole scenario, the role of doctors is very important. How do we ensure that the doctors are communicated the benefits of the HIS system, how is it going to help them in their practice, how is it going to help the clinical care, the outcomes for the patient, these are all communicated to them.  Therefore, how do we integrate the doctors and the clinical care in the entire HIS systems is something which we need to work upon and ensure that is effectively implemented.

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