Technology empowers patients to take ownership of their health

Neel Mehta, Healthcare Futurist & Deputy Manager, Healthcare Services, Adani Enterprises on CXO TV talks about creating a health ecosystem with help of technology.

Transcription –

The future is not just about the technology. But it is about the human experiences which this technology and the platforms enables us to do be it an entrepreneur, be it a doctor, or be it a hospital executive. 30 years ago when doctors used to see a patient, they used to tell them how they have to take the medications. This is how the treatment will take place. But things have changed. Patients are no longer under the doctors or health system.

You have to create an ecosystem where the doctor, patient, providers, those health systems executives come under one roof on a shared decision making process. Here you are empowering patients to take ownership of their health in the form of what’s going on with them, what will take place after the surgery, after the treatment and how this interventions will help whether it is a digital application or a theoretical understanding in the form of patient education. Other transformative surgical devices which can be utilized to perform the surgeries also need to be checked.

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