Artificial glucose sensing with an algorithm, Dr. Bansi Saboo, Chief Diabetologist & Chairman, Diabetes Care – Hormone Clinic

Diabetes is a disease where you should know about what is the sugar level. That involves sensing the glucose being monitored and pumping the insulin. When you need insulin can you use a technology by which you can sense or monitor the glucose level and know how we can pump the insulin continuously? Along with that we are going to do it ourselves or through artificial pancreas whether the same system is going to sense the glucose inside the body. It is like a complete artificial system where there is some algorithm which will help the patient to achieve a tight glycine control. The available methods in India are Dexcom, Metsonic, Albert libre pro which are sensing the glucose. There are methods by which some insulin can be given inside the body like Omnipod, Epsom, Medtronic and Ross machines that are available.

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