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Pharma industry must pave their way through technology & modernisation

Hyderabad: Too much of testification in Indian Pharma Units by Foreign Drug Regulators has given rise to repeated inspection. These constant observations and issuance of warning letters has now become the prime cause why Pharma Industry has slowed down, GV Prasad, Chairman CII Committee on Pharmaceuticals and co-chairman & CEO, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories reportedly said here on Monday.

Approvals of many companies is at halt because of the issuance of warning letters and this is causing an obstacle in the path of introducing new products and its growth.

According to him the prime solution to this obstacle is that the Pharma Companies must hit it back with quality systems and integrity of data.

He added that pharma industry must pave their way through with the help of technology and modernisation in units.

In terms of pricing he reportedly said Indian Pharma is competitive in nature which results in lower prices and still people are unable to afford it because no National Healthcare system lies in its place.

Eatela Rajendra, State Minister of Health, Medical and Family Welfare reportedly commented on the need for affordable healthcare and said that common people should be able to avail fair healthcare services.

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