India now to use Hydrogen-based fuel to fight Pollution

As Delhi once again got listed in the “Severe emergency” levels of haze, a hydrogen- based fuel technology is now to be used to fight pollution by the Indian Government.

The Capital’s pollution levels starting touching peaks merely over a week after the city endured itslongest spell of hazardous air quality ever since public records began.

The monitoring agency Safar suggests that on Wednesday morning the overall air quality index in Delhi was 494, 10 times the level declared safe by the World Health Organization (WHO).

All this once again signalled that the judges at India’s Supreme Court must criticize the government for being unable to improve dangerous conditions in the Country’s capital and its surrounding states.

Tushar Mehta, the Solicitor general however reportedly told the Supreme Court that the hydrogen fuel technology was being explored by the Central Government. Developed by Japanese experts, this technology has been designed as an alternative to some of the dangerously polluting fuels used at the factories, public and private transports.

The technology of Hydrogen fuel which produces only water as a by-product is increasingly used in countries like Japan, China and Germany as an initiative of clean energy in public transport and in fact it played a great role in helping Japan fight its pollution crisis.

The government is soon to submit a full report on the proposalhydrogen fuel technology to the supreme court by early December.

Even after receiving so many warnings from Supreme Court, the burning of crop stubble by the farmers in the nearby states of Punjab and Haryana has been one of the major causes of Pollution. So far in 2019, 48,683 crop fires has been registered in Punjab and the smoke from these flames in the chilled weather conditions that lock in the fumes as a result have been the key contributor to the pollution crisis faced in the Northern India for the past few weeks.

The severity of pollution was witnessed by thick brown smog which even limited visibility to a few metres. Prince Charles arrived on Wednesday on his first stop during his two-day visit to India and it was on Wednesday afternoon itself that he met with the Indian Meteorological Department in Delhi. His agenda focused mainly on climate change and environmental Departments in Delhi.

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