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NATHEALTH, Roche promise quality diagnostics for Indian patients

The collaboration might help improve medical diagnostics for people from all economic strata

India’s apex healthcare body NATHEALTH recently signed an MoU with Roche Diagnostics to ostensibly improve access to quality diagnostics across the country. Both NATHEALTH President Sudarshan Ballal and Roche Diagnostics India MD Shravan Subramanyam are gung-ho that this move would provide quality healthcare to Indians more economically.

The important question remains as to how this optimism can be justified. For one, a greater and more convenient access to diagnostic medical technologies could help build awareness amongst citizens on the role advanced screening and diagnostic solutions play in reducing the disease burden of people. This could be particularly helpful to make more people aware about innovations in areas like cancer diagnosis and treatments.

Hopefully, the combined efforts of the two would not only empower people and patients in far flung corners of India with the knowledge of diagnostics solutions available, but also enable them access to such global technologies in India. In a geographically vast country like India, with so many local and regional diversities, the focus of the joint mission would be to drive awareness, access and acceptance of digitalization for quality screening, diagnosis and monitoring solutions amongst people of all economic strata.

Over the past six years, NATHEALTH has been focusing on bigger partnerships with public and private healthcare stakeholders, towards supporting the ‘Healthcare for all’ initiatives of the Government. The current focus is to strengthen the five critical pillars of Indian Healthcare namely Ayushman Bharat, Aarogya Bharat, Preventive Health, Quality & Skilling, Digital Health and Innovation & Entrepreneurship.  NATHEALTH aims to help build a better and healthier future for both rural and urban India through its representation of small & medium hospitals and nursing homes as well as Healthcare Start-up companies.

On the other hand, Roche Diagnostics India is the country’s in-vitro diagnostics market leader. Having started India operations in 2002, Roche today provides diagnostic testing solutions for early detection, evaluation and monitoring of disease. It also provides a wide range of diagnostic products for distinct areas of diabetes, virology, blood screening, women’s health, microbiology and oncology for India’s customers.



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