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Fitterfly has the potential of creating a healthy tomorrow for the society at large


About Fitterfly: We are a nutrition tech company and what we have created is a platform to access nutrition in terms but diet recall, in terms of quantifying it with the help of technology, a SAS platform. This can enable dietitians, doctors, pharma industry to quantify the food that is consumed and convert into nutrients, compare it with the recommended dietary allowances and compare it to the Indian standards.

Who can use Fitterfly?
This can be used over a wide age group from children to adults.
We also have a intuitive calculator, this can be used by the dietitians and pharma companies again. We have a restaurant calculator which can be used by restaurant platforms and this will help them design a nutrition label for the food that they are cooking. It can also be assisted with a QR code which will give you a nutrition label as emphasized by FSSAI eat right India movement.So, we have tried to club Digital India and Eat Right India movement and that’s what Fitterfly India is all about.

What is the agenda behind the company?
Our CEO is a doctor himself by practice, Dr. Arbinder Singal.
We are also headed by Mr. Shailesh Gupta and Mr. Jayesh Sawant who comes from a technology background. The team is very strong and we are working towards generating nutrition based data in India & probably submitted to the government and show where India lies in not just macro nutrients & also micro nutrient consumption which is the next burden today.

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