Blockchain Technology Use Cases in Healthcare

Diptiman Dasgupta: Blockchain is a technology that is probably going to change a lot of industry domains, healthcare and almost everywhere. If I think broadly the kind of industry changes happening in Healthcare, one is in the area of patient record. So medical record is a problematic thing today, every time we visit the hospital we have to give the medical records. So medical record is an absolute area of the essential things that should be implemented. Secondly, the supply chain is also an essential thing. Many of the medicine supply chain, asset supply chain related to the healthcare industry, supply chain visibility and adoption area using blockchain. So these are the predominantly two areas that we can think of that should go beyond. One of the major area of adoption is founder led, in such situations one healthcare hospitals play the major role in building network. They partner with some of the technology implementers: IBM, Accenture, etc to build the network. And the founder of the founder led network should invite other partners to join the network to grow the blockchain otherwise blockchain cannot succeed. It should always have partners in the network and everyone shall get benefit out of this. Only then can blockchain be successful. Second thing is the consortium where a set of hospitals and institutions work together to build the network along with a technology partner to create the consortium and in that model everyone gets benefit out of it.

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