Apollo Hospitals to Set Up National Clinical Coordination Committee in Partnership with Microsoft

Microsoft India and Apollo Hospitals Group on Thursday said they joined have hands to set up a National
Clinical Coordination Committee for AI-powered Cardiovascular Disease Risk Score API as part of
Microsoft's AI Network for Healthcare initiative.

The Coordinating Committee will assist Apollo Hospitals and Microsoft's key team by offering advice on
all artificial intelligence projects related to cardiovascular and cardiology. It will also provide insights into
the development of clinical algorithms and instructions for therapy based on the inferences of potential
domestic, multi-center research, a statement said.

"The NCCC is a major step forward as part of our relationship with Apollo. We also engage worldwide
consortium partners to scale the AI-powered API (Application Program Interface) Approval for a pilot
research has already been obtained and we hope that the results will allow physicians to better
comprehend the causes of CVDs in the Indian population," Microsoft, Cloud & Enterprise, Corporate
Vice President, Anil Bhansali said.

In 2018, Apollo Hospitals and Microsoft India introduced the first-ever AI-powered CVD Risk Score API,
specifically intended to estimate the risk of cardiac diseases in the Indian population. Built on Microsoft
Azure, the API seeks to determine a more precise CVD risk rating for the Indian population taking into
account risk variables including characteristics of lifestyle such as diet, preferences for tobacco and
smoking, physical activity and psychological stress and anxiety.

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