#SuperPower2020: Microsoft’s made for India messenger revolutionizes The Healthcare Sector

To have everything beginning from operations to staff in remote locations is quite challenging. One of the challenges is the disability to capture operational data from every tele-clinic remotely and ensure that things are running in the way they should. Not to forget, not everyone in the field could have access to a PC and even those who had one could not respond until they were logged into the system.

Microsoft is synonymous with technological revolution. From Windows 95 to Microsoft Office and Xbox, the tech giants have transformed the general perception of computing, organizational management, and the gaming industry.

Their latest product Kaizala has been touted as the next big thing and is bridging the gap between mobile and desktop users. As more and more users and organizations are opting for mobile over desktop, organizations are also shifting their communication channels. Kaizala does not seem like a new product but a reckoning that was bound to happen. And like always, it was Microsoft that envisioned it.

What Is Microsoft Kaizala?

Microsoft Kaizala is a phone-number based, secure chat app that enables you to communicate and collaborate seamlessly across one’s network.  It can be Hospitals, doctors, vendors, suppliers, and patients or may be any other industry. The app is geared towards efficient communication, armed with inbuilt functional features like action cards which enable the users to conduct instant surveys, polls, assign and track tasks, and more.

The chat-based productivity app has made its presence felt in the healthcare sector

It isn’t just the BFSI sector that is using Kaizala. Even the healthcare sector chose this app, which has its roots in India, as their preferred choice of communication. One of India’s most prominent names when it comes to hospitals, Apollo Hospitals aims to bridge the patient-doctor distance through Kaizala. The organization is setting up telehealth division all over India, powered by HealthNet Global. They offer a wide range of services from outpatient consultation to diagnosis and providing information regarding diseases. Apollo has been using Microsoft Kaizala to extract all kinds of real-time data from remote clinics in different corners of the country and then analyze these reports. This prompt data collection and analysis has helped Apollo take quick data-backed decisions providing better health care to millions.

Technology is what will drive India’s dream of being a superpower by 2020. And Kaizala from Microsoft is at the forefront of this change, empowering the Healthcare industry and synergizing the Hospitals to serve the people better and thus meet the international standards, and maybe surpass them!

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