HealthTech 2019: Mobile Cancer Screening

Future Healthcare is an annual event taking place in London, UK. It is a showcase of healthcare space international innovation. More than 350 brands attended this year. As always, heavily featured data and how experts manipulate them.  Companies also tried to reinvent old technologies using a fresh approach, however.

Globally, 570,000 new cases of cervical cancer occurred in 2018. In low-and middle-income societies, about 90% of deaths from cervical cancer occur. Better screening and earlier intervention could reduce the mortality rate significantly. MobileODT has designed a handheld, battery-powered colposcope called the EVA System, capable of taking high-quality cervix images.

MobileODT worked with the National Cancer Institute to develop a machine learning algorithm called Automatic Visual Assessment (AVE), which can produce a precise diagnosis in minutes. A prospective, multicenter pilot study conducted in Korea by scientists has shown that the device is more than 90% accurate. Yael Misrahi— MobileODT Head of Global Partnerships — outlined the Future Healthcare product and explained that one of the primary benefits of this system is that “it is handheld and can be used by a non-expert healthcare provider.”

Because the device is based on smartphone technology, it is user-friendly and includes a remote consultation feature for consulting experts either in real time or during quality control.

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