In a uncommon case in Maharashtra , Doctor remove 1100+ gallstones from 94 yr-old’s female in Navi Mumbai

Dr. Nitin Tawte a renowned laparoscopic surgeon from Terna Speciality Hospital & Research centre, Nerul –Navi Mumbai has removed successfully gallbladder which is having 1100+ gall stones due to bacterial infections which is one of highest gallstone cases in Maharashtra.

Dr. Nitin Tawte, laparoscopic surgeon said, “Radhabai Naik a 94 yr old female from Thal (Alibaug) presented to us with acute pain in upper abdomen with vomiting from last 3 months. Her USG report showed that she had multiple gall stones with obstruction. Calculous cholecystitis is a common type of cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder) which takes place when the central opening of the gallbladder (the cystic duct) is blocked by gallstones or biliary sludge. The blockage in the cystic duct allows the bile to build up which increases the pressure in the gallbladder. Taking her age into consideration and she being at high risk from aesthesia point of view she was prepared and optimised for surgery. Relatives were explained all the risks involved and she was taken up for surgery. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy was performed which was without any incident and she was discharged from the hospital in 2 days.”

She tolerated the surgery very well and is now pain free. It was possible due to the teamwork of surgeon led by Dr Nitin Tawte and anaesthetist led by Dr. Sujata Pawar. We have the latest medical equipment and expert surgical and anaesthetist’s team to tackle such cases at our hospital said by Terna Speciality Hospital spokesperson.

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