How India is Embracing HealthTech – Part 2

Helathcare industry all around the globe is undergoing a major overhaul owing to technical advancements and our country is not far behind. As you read this, India is ushering in technological breakthroughs and the growing start-up culture has a lot to do with it. The best strategy for a successful business in an ever-changing world of technology is to innovate or adapt, learn new technologies and evolve. The healthcare industry is full of examples of companies that are front runners of this strategy.  

Personalized Health and Lifestyle Services

The patient’s profile is changing rapidly. People live sedentary yet busy lives, resulting in an increase in the need for personalized patient services accessible even from a distance. Although there are a lot of technologies available that close this gap, the exciting part is the shift these technologies are taking from purely software to a combination of hardware, software & IoT. Platforms that allowed patients to interact instantly with their doctors and APPs that allow input of vitals and sleeping patterns were in use at the beginning. However, now we see devices that automatically customize & manage people’s medication, send interactive reports of their consumption to their doctors or caregivers and also wearables that automatically track vitals and lifestyle patterns. This is just the beginning of personalized healthcare services and in the coming years, we will see exponential growth.

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