Digital Healthcare Initiatives of AIIMS

Information technology used in Indian hospitals is mostly restricted to appointment management and storing medical records. However, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), as well as the better private hospitals are making more intense use of information technology to improve health outcomes through analyses of the data, using artificial intelligence, and more intense monitoring. Owing to the massive usage of smartphones in India, we may expect to see a growth in telemedicine, both in telehospitals and clinics and at home. The future of the whole healthcare system in India will be more and more digital, with AIIMS giving a strong example and digitizing being cost-effective. 

(AIIMS) is India’s first fully digital public hospital and it has achieved this status using extensive training and organization of special cadres to move from fragmented information technology applications to a streamlined information technology system. It has reduced waiting times enormously, simply by online registration. There is no longer the need to come before the break of dawn to be able to see a doctor. Many patients may not even need to come to the hospital with the AIIMS AVC clinic but can have a video consultation instead.

Patients can make an appointment for a video consultation with an internet connection, a mail account and a mobile number, that is then conducted on Google hangouts. This makes consultation with a specialist or second opinion much more accessible, especially for rural communities. AIIMS is showing other state hospitals the way to digitization and hence may be the most important player in digital health in terms of the number of patients that benefit.

We are pleased to announce 3rd Healthcare Digital Innovation Summit 2019 on 15th Feb 2019 at Ahmedabad. The Healthcare IT Summit will be the premier conference and expo for exploring innovations in eHealth, mHealth, TeleHealth and IT implementation in government organization and hospitals.

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