The Progress of Interoperability

Healthcare technology went through an overhaul in 2018. From telehealth to wearables and 3D printing, several new technologies emerged and many existing ones got a revamp. This year, the healthcare industry could finally see light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to curing its interoperability woes as providers and vendors alike begin to build application programming interfaces that will improve data sharing among providers.

The continued adoption of Health Level Seven International’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources and projects like SMART on FHIR is included in this development, which seeks to align electronic health record data, apps and tools. As per industry insiders, continuing to push data standards and sharing forward will prove key to facilitating a future where health data comes together to create a full picture of a patient and improves care delivery at a personal level.

In the long run, we are going to see a lot of interesting opportunities to convene, collect and secure different types of health data such as environmental, social, financial which will help us gain direct insight about all the correlating factors that go into someone’s social determinants of health and better enable them to take control of their journey.

Keep watching this space to know more about the latest in healthcare technology, the biggest trends of 2018 and what the coming year has in store.

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