Telehealth Benefits for Family Caregivers – Part 3

It’s fair to say that the family caregivers need as much support as they can, considering the challenges they face. Telehealth services can provide just that, in the right context. It can make several facets of the caregiver’s life easier because the model expands access and lowers barriers to care. Additionally, businesses that offer the service to family caregivers stand to realize several benefits on the other side. Consider the following as your organizations weigh the possibility of offering telehealth:

Easier Check-Ins

We have earlier seen how telehealth provides improved access to closer relationships for better care. Combined, these two points give an advantage that’s uniquely beneficial for recipients of family-based care: Quicker access to and higher frequency of check-in visits. Simply having the access for quick check-ins can be a major source of support for caregivers because they tend to be elderly — or, if they’re younger, suffer ailments that require closer medical attention than the average healthy adult. Facilities in systems gained previously mentioned benefits in turn, like added revenues and a fuller view of the patient’s health.

What underscores telehealth’s value to family caregivers and the systems supporting them are the difficulties a family member may face in getting an elderly or ill family member to a non-necessary check-in visit. On the contrary, it also highlights the model’s value as a revenue- and outcome-enhancing model for systems, who gain both with every inch of ground they can gain in the lives of patients primarily cared for by family members.

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