Use of Technology in Elderly Care – Part 1

As our elders grow older, it becomes our primary responsibility to care of them. It’s crucial to understand and utilize the advances in technology that benefit a senior patient, whether you are a family member who has taken on the role of caretaker or a professional who provides caregiver services. Apart from the usual smartphones and tablets, read more below about the different gadgets available to help you care for your loved one or patient.

Devices Prevent Wandering

Elderly patients, particularly those who experience problems with their memories and cognitive functions often fall prey to wandering. The fear of them becoming lost or get hurt is common among their caregivers, be they family members or healthcare professionals. To help with this problem, several different devices have been created specifically. Wander prevention devices like bed alarms and door alarms have been developed to help notify caregivers when a patient or loved one is not where they are supposed to. For elderly patients who are more independent or prone to getting lost, there are also some pendants that provide GPS tracking.

Cameras Protect the Elderly from Abuse

As a caregiver, you take responsibility for a person’s well-being to a loved one or patient. Since being around 24 hours a day isn’t always an option, small cameras similar to “nanny cams” are a great way to ensure that an elderly person is being cared for properly. You can place these cameras in indiscreet locations and use them to ensure that hired caregivers and other family members are not abusing, mistreating, or taking advantage of your patient or loved one.

The most important takeaway is that technology can keep elderly patients safe. We must use these advances as the caretakers of senior citizens to improve the way we care for them and they care for themselves.

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