Technologies That Will Take Telehealth to New Heights – Part 3

Telehealth is the brightest of all the promising healthcare delivery methods primed to play an expanded role in healthcare. Paving way for telemedicine are changes within the healthcare industry, friendlier legislation, and a shifting economic landscape. By 2020, analysts project this industry will be worth $36 billion. Telecommunications and other technology fields are making great strides on a daily basis, and every advancement works in telehealth’s best interest.

Harvesting the sun

Solar energy, despite not really being a telecommunication technology, is a powerful, adaptable form of renewable energy. The great thing is that it’s the perfect match for telehealth. Solar energy and telehealth have been previously deployed to areas affected by natural disasters when traditional power grids and healthcare facilities became inoperable. People in disaster situations who don’t need emergency care but do need to speak to a medical professional as soon as possible can take advantage of telehealth. The fact that telemedicine is easy to set up as a permanent service owing to its flexibility will also allow for quick setup and teardown in disaster-stricken areas. While a similar technology could be deployed in ultra-rural regions, a solar-powered telemedicine “clinic” could help underserved, remote patients. In the coming future, solar and telehealth will almost certainly work closely together. This future is getting closer every day as major names are making major deals and advancements in the field that could bring solar energy (and telehealth) to your neighbourhood.

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