Recent Healthcare Technology Advances – Part 2

Healthcare organizations are now looking for the right tools to support the shift into the value-based care model. This tech will not only support the improvement of patient care but also cut operations’ costs in some instances. The topics and tech which were most influential this year are:


Florescent endoscopic imaging – Malignant tissue is normally undetectable under regular light. Indocyanine green imaging highlights it during an endoscopy which lets physicians easily distinguish malignant tumours from healthy tissue.

Immunotherapy and stem cell therapy for Crohn’s disease – Ovasave is a new personalized T-cell immunotherapy which uses antigen-specific regulatory T-cells generated by in vitro exposure to ovalbumin to treat patients with refractory Crohn’s. Additionally, there are two mesenchymal stem cell treatments in development, one of which uses umbilical cord blood and the other one stems cells cultured outside of the body.

Type 1 diabetes vaccines – There are two types of these vaccines: for patients with some residual islet function there is a therapeutic vaccine to slow or stop the autoimmune attack on insulin-producing islet cells, and a preventative vaccine to create immune tolerance of islet cells in children with an increased genetic risk of developing the disease.

Robotic surgery – The latest surgical robot model boasts four robotic arms attached overhead that can be repositioned without the need to unlock the robot and is designed for complex surgeries. It communicates with a new type of OR table, which allows for automatic repositioning.

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