The Post-EHR World: What Does the Future Hold? – Part 2

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are in use by over 95 percent of eligible providers. EHRs and clinical data are seeing worldwide acceptance. But that comes with its own set of challenges too. Let’s take a look at what they have in store for the future.


Big scale mergers between organizations, and especially if one party is an unwilling player require new strategies around data sharing. Large-scale mergers like Providence-St. Joseph’s/Ascension and Dignity/CHI that happened recently will let the vendors show a more willing ability to play nice so that they don’t lose market share as hundreds of hospital sites are brought under one IT umbrella for the sake of efficiency. Epic has already shown some cards around this with their Come Together/Happy Together/Working Together trio. However, it’s hard to say if it’ll stave off mega losses in the usual hospital merger shakeup where two EHR vendors enter and only one leaves.

This year, more ambulatory EHR providers are said to bite the dust. More companies are beginning to evaluate if they want to stay at the EHR table, now that the dust of Meaningful Use has settled. With Allscripts acquiring both McKesson’s EHR suite and Practice Fusion (at a loss), we can foresee more contraction in the EHR space as disinterested players try to divest assets.

Keep watching this space for more health technology updates and insights.

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