How WATSON is helping Oncologists fight Cancer

Despite advances in medical technology going so far as to be able to replace a brain, we still lack the means of completely curing cancer. The reasons vary from the lack of resources, not enough knowledge, to even conspiracy theories about how there is an unreleased treatment for cancer that could end the multi-billion dollar industry of chemotherapy.


IBM Watson has been created as a question-answer interface, used primarily on a TV Show as a means of entertainment, Watson has come a long way. In 2011, Watson won $1 million on the show Jeopardyand in 2013, IBM announced the use of Watson for medical technology in the year of 2013.

This is the best application of how AI simplifies the job of a doctor. An oncologist would be able to diagnose you based solely on their experience. However, with Watson, not only do you have the knowledge and data of over a thousand doctors and journals at the click of a button, but the diagnosis would also be a lot more accurate. The doctors would also be able to provide a more tailor-made treatment, that has a higher chance of working, thus increasing the patient’s chances of survival.

Secondly, it is easier to use an AI in a hospital. Deadly diseases are quite scary as it is, and even more so for young children. But with an interactive health bot, children and even young adults can be put to ease. The communication between them gets better too, and there is a higher chance of the patient following the instructions provided.

Most importantly, Watson can store all the information that was, is and will be provided to it, along with filter out the necessary data when truly required. This allows doctors to ensure that the treatment is continued on, even at home, thus increasing the chances of a quick recovery.

Seeing how critical it has become to fight and survive a deadly illness, Watson could soon pave a path for the use of AI’s as an integral part of health technology.

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