Medical Robots in Healthcare

Medical robots play a vital role in performing complex tasks that require brief attention to every detail. Not just the sci-fi movies and the distant future, but these robots exist in the healthcare field also. In the market in distant fields, varying from manufacturer to manufacturer, lots of robots are available.


Known as the group of the robots specifically designed to imitate the cognition of animals & humans, biorobots can be used to train surgeons & dentists using a virtual environment, helps in enhancing the speed of learning process.

Telepresence Robots

Telepresence robots allow off-site medical professionals to provide quality care to patients by looking-around, communicating, participating, and moving from remote locations. These robots use a remote-controlled, wheeled device with wireless internet connectivity to provide audio and video capabilities.

Surgical Robots

It either allows remote surgery where the physician is not present physically with the patient or surgical operations to be carried out with greater precision compared to the human surgeon. These robots prove to be an asset in the medical field while performing critical tasks or operations like open heart surgery, removal of fibroids, joint replacements, kidney surgeries etc.

UV Disinfection Robots

These robots disinfect the specific area within a minute, making it free of virus and bacteria. Using UV lamps, it zaps the nucleic acid within the bacteria & disrupts their DNA and makes it impossible for them to reproduce again. Considered as the flexible & user-friendly disinfection tool, they are easy on pocket and kill 99% of bacteria within ten minutes of exposure.



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