Adoption of Electronic Health Record in India – Roadmap for Research, Development, and Education

Adoption of Electronic Health Records in India is in an infant stage. To adopt it at the national level, the stakeholders need to take various steps. There are various steps that need to be taken at the level of the existing standards of research, development, and education in the nation. The following tasks/activities need to be undertaken for the same.

Research and development in health IT: To support decision-making in public health, new methods of protection of privacy, etc., there is a need to support R&D projects on the secondary usage of EHRs. They will improve the quality of service and reduce the cost of deployment.

Human resource development in health IT: There is a requirement of IT professionals with exposure to health IT will be required to staff the IT unit of healthcare organizations. As no Indian university offers any master- or doctoral-level degree in this area currently, steps need to be taken to start such courses in some of the institutions in the country.

Development of online courseware: Learning modules that can be used by anyone in the country need to be developed. The use of online courses will solve the problem of training or retraining of a large number of professionals, which is expensive and time-consuming.

Dissemination of best practices: It is important to share experience periodically in any emerging area. Such information should be collected by an agency and made available at a central place. Workshops and conferences play their own role where people can discuss matters face to face, apart from online sharing.

International collaboration: Lagging behind other nations in this area, India can benefit from international cooperation through access to their experience and IT solutions.


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