PM Narendra Modi tops GOQii’s list of Top 30 Health & Fitness Influencers in India

 GOQii, one of the leading Smart Preventive Healthcare Company in India today released the list of India’sTop 30 Health and Fitness Influencers, which includes healthcare professionals, celebrities, chefs, fitness bloggers and the Prime Minister of India. Mr. Narendra Modi has been named as the No. 1 fitness influencer in India followed by Baba Ramdev and actor Akshay Kumar. GOQii had earlier released the GOQii India fit report that found in an unaided survey that 75% respondents named Baba Ramdev and Akshay Kumar as someone they would trust for health advice. The team undertook further surveys and research, to reveal other influencers whom people look up to when it comes about health and fitness.

  1. Narendra Modi, PM of India: Prime-Minister-Narendra-ModiPrime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the most admired personalities globally. While he has been mocked time and again for having been a tea seller, he has also been praised for his economic politics and the various political decisions. He is definitely one of the most energetic and fit prime ministers that India has seen. His secret to health and fitness is nothing but just being disciplined and waking up early in the morning and practicing Yoga. He practices yoga daily for an hour every morning irrespective where he is. This improves both his physical and mental well-being. He is the brains behind proposing an International Yoga day. His fitness mantra can surely be a lesson to many.
  2. Baba Ramdev: Yoga Guru

    Born as Ramdev to parents who were farmers in a small village in Haryana. He became popular and a populist hero by advocating Yoga. According to him health is a way of life. He shot to fame with his institute Patanjali Yogpeeth for the promotion and practice of Yoga and Ayurveda. The brand Patanjali has today become a household name and it’s given the MNC FMCG companies a run for their money.

  3. Akshay Kumar: Actor

    He is probably one of the healthiest and fittest superstars of Bollywood. His mantra is ‘health matters the most.’ His fitness regime started even before he entered Bollywood. He is a black belt in Taekwondo and he learnt martial arts in  Bangkok. Akshay Kumar follows a disciplined life and likes to mix different workout routines to avoid boredom. He believes that one should give at least one hour to one’s body to keep fit and healthy. Irrespective of his shooting schedules, he does not miss out on his workout regime. He finishes his last meal around 7 in the evening and likes to go bed at least two hours after the meal.

  4.  Deepika Padukone, Actress

    Deepika Padukone, the long legged beauty is one of the leading ladies of Bollywood today. Born with an athletic body, Padukone was active during her school days as she played Badminton in the morning and after school. Despite being into modelling and now in Bollywood, her daily fitness workout routine continues. She starts her day with yoga as it improves concentration and strength and keeps her mind calm and active throughout the day. Her workout routine is a mix of yoga, pilates, dance, and weights. She hates running and prefers freehand weights to conventional gym exercises. Her daily diet includes a lot of foods rich in dietary fiber, proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, complex carbs, vitamins, and minerals. And, she has 6 meals daily and does not believe in crash dieting. She has a good metabolic rate because she never starves herself.

  5. Virat Kohli, Captain, Indian Cricket team

    Virat Kohli is an inspiration for everyone when it comes to fitness. To maintain his awesome performance, this ace cricketer trains as hard as possible and tries to keep a check on his diet. It would come as a shocker that back in 2012 Kohli was 10 to 12 kgs overweight than his current weight. However, he soon realized that this had to change if he was to achieve his mark in Cricket. Hence, he committed to a much stricter workout schedule and diet regime which helped him to be where he is today. When he is home, Kohli works out for five days a week for at least two hours. His usual workout routine includes both cardio and weight lifting. Squats are a part of most of his workouts. He also sticks to home cooked food and avoids junk food as much as possible. His diet focuses on having fewer carbs and having more protein. Being a thorough sportsperson, his ultimate aim is to have a sporting culture in India where people are able to follow each sport equally.


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