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Mental health is the core of overall well-being

By Spiritual & Wellness coach Ssanket Popat

In today’s life ‘Stress’ is something which is common to everyone. Whether someone is living in urban or rural area or irrespective of their age or status, whether they are young or old, rich or poor, everyone is going through some or the other stress. Therefore, it is important to attract happiness and overall wellbeing and for that, we need to look at changing our lifestyle in a holistic way!


Holistic or spiritual healing helps to identify the blocks created in mind by stress, like anxiety, ill- health or issues in our inter-personal relationships. Not only health or mental related issue, ‘Holistic Healing’ also helps in attracting abundance in finance and all other aspects of our life.

Stress in a person can directly affect his potential output in all aspects i.e. work, studies, day to day work and also relations. Stress, anxiety, depression and ill-health are all related to emotional imbalance in us. We are all living in a competitive world where, all of us are in a rat race to reach at the top. It’s because we all have set very high targets for us and hence, living in constant anxiety and fear of unknown failure and losses are taking a toll on us…. We are stuck to bad memories and circumstances of the past.

How holistic & Spiritual healing can help us in many ways:

 Spiritual Healing helps us to address an issue and look at in a holistic way. It helps us reaching to the root cause of everything and heal it permanently. Not only that, Spiritual healing also helps us to be self-sufficient and empower us to face any situations or circumstances with a different approach through various modalities available these days.

All the possible “lifestyle diseases” these days are caused because of stress and the competition to win the race called ‘Life’! Disease is caused by the chemical or hormonal imbalance in our body, which is because we have lost the inner happiness by setting huge expectations from ourselves.

The pressure to be better than your colleagues at work, meeting all responsibilities at home, excelling in studies, doing good in extra-curricular activities.. Everything is adding undue stress in our life. While there is nothing wrong to be motivated and try to better but keeping unrealistic goals and trying to be the jack of all trade is taking a toll on us and causing stress that creates imbalance in the system thus making the person unhappy.

The time has come, when we all should start empowering ourselves with alternative therapies which will enable us to reach the core of an issue or diseases and help us in leading a more fulfilled and happier life. A spiritual healer can create awareness on your soul level, about what is your life purpose, what are you meant to do in this life, what type of past karmas you carry, and also what karmic lessons you need to learn in this lifestyle. Once we get the answers of these questions,  we are at ease, as we know why certain circumstances has happened in our life, why do we attract certain person, has he or she come to teach us a lesson,  or is he or she  a blessing in our life.

The advantage of going to a spiritual healer is that, they empower you to face any circumstances. They don’t make you dependent on them, but they teach you the real tool, to handle and solve your issues on your own. This gives the confidence and helps you becoming happy internally and also help you to increase your positive energies and frequencies which attract only good things in your life.

A Spiritual healing is a slow process, as it tries to reach the deeper layers of your sub-conscious to heal you permanently, so that you don’t carry the same pattern in future or in your next life.

A healing process as simple as, writing a letter or making a drawing with crayons, or blessing your food and water before consuming, helps in a big way in releasing blocks and get healed.. A healer helps you go through catharsis by which the deep rooted blocks are released forever. Just by having full faith in the healer and the process will help you shift into a much happy state of mind and experience a complete blissful life. As the popular saying goes ‘’a healthy mind stays in a health body’’, but in today’s world it’s “A healthy body comes with a healthy Mind”!

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