40-year-old Man with 90% blockage undergoes life-saving Renal Angiography at Fortis Hospital, Kalyan

~ Blockage in his Left Anterior Descending Artery (LAD) resulted from untreated hypertension~

The team of cardiac surgeons at Fortis Hospital, Kalyan successfully treated a 40-year-old man through a life-saving renal angiography procedure recently. The patient was brought to emergency with acute breathlessness and severe nose bleed which was result of accelerated hypertension. Further tests revealed that the patient’s left anterior descending artery (LAD) had more than 90% blockage and required immediate treatment to save his life. Dr Zakia Khan, Interventional Cardiologist, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan led the team to perform this unique treatment.


Sushil Sawant was diagnosed with hypertension many years ago. However, he ignored this condition and did not consult any doctor. With time, the situation became grave as his medical condition deteriorated. He was rushed to the hospital with severe nasal bleeding and epistaxis as his blood pressure rose to about 240/140. He was immediately moved to an ICU to prevent any chance of intracranial bleed (bleeding inside the skull). A Pulmonary Edema and Coronoary Angiography along with Renal Angiogram were done and it was found that the left artery has developed a blockage. An angioplasty was done and a stent was inserted. A timely action by the Cardiac team at Fortis Hospital, Kalyan saved the patient from a precarious life endangering medical condition.

Dr. Zakia Khan, speaking about the case says, “Cases like this signify the importance of not ignoring any symptoms; even a minor headache counts and a consultation with your doctor is a must, this will help in receiving treatment on time to avoid vascular complications. Ignorance to visit the doctor in the case of a slight yet sustained increase in the blood pressure, was the concern with this case. We need to make people aware that we should not symptoms, however small, lightly and consult the family doctor immediately.

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