Healthcare trends to watch in 2018

The New Year has brought new hopes to the healthcare industry. There are new and emerging trends that might gain momentum in 2018. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Blockchain technology will see a boom in the health IT system. It has largely been a theoretical concept but is supposed to move to practical use now. Major organizations like IBM, Intel, Google, and Microsoft have set up dedicated units for development of healthcare Blockchain products. Change Healthcare will start marketing its Blockchain product in 2018.

Data analytics will foray into the EHR systems. Analytics, with advantages such as improving population health efforts and providing real-time reporting, is a hot-favourite for the healthcare industry. According to a poll conducted by MGMA in 2017, many physicians are already using some analytics capabilities already embedded in their EHR systems.

Artificial Intelligence will also start making a real impact on the industry this year. Center for Connected Medicine and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center conducted a survey in Pennsylvania. The results show many healthcare experts already using AI for clinical decision support, population health, disease management, readmissions and claims processing.

Health on the go – digital healthcare, is also set to accelerate this year. As per seed fund Rock Health’s data, $3.5 billion was invested in 188 digital health companies in the first half of 2017. It is expected to reach $34 million by 2022. Digital health helps those who cannot step out of their homes for medical attention. Since smartphone has taken over the world, accessing digital healthcare has become easier too.

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