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Private Sector Investment in Health Sector

Under National Health Mission (NHM) technical and financial support is provided to the States/UTs to strengthen their health systems, including support for provision of healthcare services through Public  Private Partnership, based on the requirements posed by the States/UTs in their Annual Programme Implementation Plans (PIPs) within their overall resource envelop. Under NHM States are encouraged to contract in or outsource those services – which improve efficiency and quality of care in public health facilities or close critical gaps – to the private sector, based on their felt needs.

Towards this, based on consultation with States and other stakeholders, under NHM, guidelines for provision of healthcare services under Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode have been circulated to the States/UTs for:

  • Emergency Transport Services
  • Mobile Medical Units Services
  • Provision of Free Diagnostics Service Initiative (Free Pathological Services, Free Tele radiology Services, Free CT Scan Services)
  • Biomedical Equipment Management Maintenance Programme
  • National Dialysis Programme
  • Provision of Hospital Waste management, segregation, treatment and disposal services in health facilities
  • Management of the Health Facilities by NGOs under PPP.

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