DocExa- Bridging the Gap Between the Doctor community and the Pharmaceutical Companies

Krishna Singh, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, Global Space Technologies, carries over 19 years of experience as a leader, manager & executor across various functions in industries like Pharma, Healthcare, Banking & Telecom, Krishna Singh is a Green Field Specialist & known to be a thought leader with innovation & team building as his core strengths.


He started his professional carrier as a medical representative & frontline sales manager. After doing sales for the first 4 years he moved into Product Management & marketing domain of a large Pharma organization. Before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey in 2010, Krishna held senior management positions in marketing, business development, MarCom & MR in different organizations like Zydus Cadila, SRL Ranbaxy & Reliance Life Sciences.

Krishna Singh, in an interaction with Ekta Srivastava, Health

Please tell us about the DocExa app and the opportunities it provides for better patient safety.

DocExa is the Industry’s first Doctor-Pharma-Patient Connect Application. This digital initiative from GlobalSpace is aimed at enabling the Doctor community to make the most well-informed decision for all patients. For the Pharma companies, this is a platform for direct connect with the Doctors.

This application offers to bridge the wide gap between the Doctor community and the Pharmaceutical companies through following features:

  1. Brand Connect – Doctors can now access any drug related scientific information through DocExa
  2. Pharmacovigilance – DocExa provides an easy to use digital medium to Doctors for filing Adverse Drug Reactions. This information is instantly passed to the respective Pharma Companies for enhancement/correction in the drug.
  3. Doctor – Patient Connect – Patients can now chat/call with their Physicians, according to the time designated by the Doctor. This also helps the Doctors to develop confidence and a long term relationship with the Patients.

Why should a doctor join DocExa? How does it help them? What are its benefits?

  1. Today, Doctors spend atleast 15 hrs/week online to learn relevant scientific information, through various sources. DocExa is a one-stop application for Doctors to access all scientific information on all the drugs in the market.
  2. Doctors also spend 6 hrs/week meeting Medical Representatives from various Pharmaceutical companies. DocExa offers a digital connect between Doctor and Pharma community though which:
  3. Doctor can request for meeting/call/video call with the MRs as per his convenience and availability. The Doctor’s feedbacks reach the Pharma companies in real-time, creating a bi-directional digital feedback mechanism. This system helps bring a greater level of transparency, adhering to the government guidelines.
  4. Doctors can form closed loop communities to connect with others Doctors belonging to same specialty and share knowledge.
  5. Doctors can chat/call with our Medico-Consultants available on DocExa platform, to ensure they are adhering to guidelines.

An overview of mHealth sector in India, what is it worth & how much growth do you foresee?

Today, consumers are way ahead in adoption of Digital Technology in their daily lives, be it shopping, transportation, work, study and so on.

“Consumers Are Ready to Adopt Mobile Health Faster than the Health Industry is Prepared to Adapt”, Finds PwC Study on Global mHealth Adoption.

DocExa is a step forward in this direction, by digitally connecting all the stakeholders of Indian Healthcare – Doctors, Pharma Companies, Patients. This will ensure that patients, irrespective of their location (rural or urban) can access the most advanced health care services through Technology.

With 1.5 Lacs Doctors already on this platform and growing, we plan to connect all the Indian Doctors (1 Million) by 2019.

MHealth is touted as a solution to getting healthcare services to rural areas, but how relevant are they in urban areas, where quality healthcare is within reach?

In urban areas, quality healthcare is within reach but not affordable to the masses. Irrespective of rural or urban, DocExa strives to provide quality as well as affordability to the patients through Technology.

Today 60% of India’s population lies in Tier 2/3 states. With greater penetration of mobility and growing number of internet users in rural India, Pharma companies will be able to expand their reach to connect with more Doctors through DocExa platform. Leveraging technology, Doctors based in rural areas will be able to stay updated with the latest technological advancements and drug brands in the market, creating a win-win for the entire Healthcare industry.

Please talk about the culture of ‘openness’ and the sharing of ‘data’ and ‘best practice’ and reporting requirements that would foster a ‘culture of safety’?

DocExa creates a digital knowledge sharing platform for the healthcare provider, Consumers and the Pharma Industry, by providing a real-time bi-directional feedback system to all the stakeholders. This feedback system between the Doctors and Medical Representatives meets the reporting requirements for the Pharma companies.

Patients will be able to report treatment feedback to the Doctors through DocExa. Thus, creating a culture of sharing best digital healthcare practices among the Doctors in the platform and  in the common interest of patient safety.

Taking an example of an Adverse Drug reaction; patient’s report symptoms to the Physician, Physicians can keep a record of all the reactions and file ADR, ADR reaches the respective Pharma Company for rectification/enhancement. This closed loop feedback functionality of DocExahelps fostering a culture of safety and healthcare quality.

In your opinion, how does the healthcare sector and industry ensure that new protocols, procedures and training are delivered more uniformly?

Today the dissemination of information between the Healthcare sector and the Pharma Industry does not occur in an organized manner, as far as protocols and guidelines are considered. DocExa platform brings relevant information (scientific information, clinical research papers, molecular information…) to the stakeholders in an organized manner. This is mutually beneficial for both Doctors and the industry.

  • Doctors have the option of requesting any specific information related to any brand from the Industry.
  • The Medico legal consultants available to Doctors through DocExa ensure that the Doctors are updated with the latest procedures, guidelines that are advocated by the Government bodies.

Road map ahead for Globalspace.

For days ahead in business, the management team at GlobalSpace has strategic plans to cater to all enterprise sectors including automobile and real estate. On the path of expansion company strives to spread their wings in different sectors and presently our focus lies in Pharma, BFSI & Education sectors.

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