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Midmark India gears up to meet the growing patient care needs in India’s healthcare industry Launches a best-in-class motorised bed for Indian hospitals at affordable prices

Midmark (India), a leader in the area of patient positioning equipment, has announced the launch of their new motorised bed ‘Electra’, designed and positioned to capture a new market in India’s tertiary care sector. The new bed by Midmark India aims to revolutionize the traditional hospital bed and transform it into an accelerator in a patient’s recovery process. The new bed has been designed and built to enhance patient comfort and caregiver efficiency. Priced between the range of INR 1,30,000 to INR 1,50,000 and engineered incorporating the most modern technological configurations, the new bed Electra is advanced but simpler to use at the same time. Manufactured and designed entirely in India, the bed not only matches world class standards from a quality, efficiency and safety point of view, but also is priced competitively for the Indian healthcare industry.


Speaking on the launch of ‘Electra’,  Sumeet Aggarwal, Managing Director, Midmark(India) said, “Electra compliments the motorized bed portfolio of Midmark India and is positioned at a vital transient point on the portfolio. It is powered by the most experienced and largest customer support network in India which will result in a lower cost of ownership. The company is looking to increase sales of motorised beds by 20% overall. Through the launch of Electra, we look forward to meet the growing demand of quality motorised beds in India and enter competitive global markets like Africa, Latin America and East Europe over the next 2 years.”

Advance positions like the Cardiac Chair are achieved swiftly with help of its embedded panels, elevating patient from a down right position to a sedentary position without any complexity. Bravo can also be configured with X-ray Permeable Backrest and X-ray Permeable Cassette holder so that the patient doesn’t have to be repositioned, which makes it more convenient for the staff to handle with precision.


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