Bike Rally organised for Mental Health & Road Safety

Over 70 bikers today geared up and rode their super bikes through the city to spread Mental Health Awareness. The Bike Rally for Mental Health saw the streets of Delhi thump to the sound of revving engines, while bikers riding motorbikes like Harley Davidson, Ducati, KTM, Kawasaki, Triumph, Royal Enfield and many more, turned heads and brought to attention the cause of giving Mental Health the due importance it deserves.


With World Mental Health Day around the corner, the Bike Rally for Mental Health being held in partnership with CIMBS Social Awareness Campaign “India For Mental Health” and Riderz Planet- the motorcycle superstore, marks the countdown for WFMH World Congress of Mental Health being held in India for the first time early next month.

Super bikers, Mental Health Professionals, Social Workers, Advocacy experts, Police personnel, caregivers and other stakeholders from the region gathered together to raise discussions on Mental Health issues, including Fighting Stigma surrounding Mental Illnesses, Mental Health at the Workplace as well as Road Safety and Mental Health. The Bike Rally also motivated people to take a pledge for “Longer Rides with Calmer Minds”, an initiative to promote safe and stress-free driving.

World Mental Health Day is internationally commemorated every year on 10th October, having been first declared in 1992 by the WFMH itself with the purpose of generating mental health advocacy and awareness. The theme for World Mental Health Day this year is “Mental Health in Workplace”.

“Our state of mind is often reflected in how we drive on the road, and frustration or stress while driving can take a toll on our mental health.  Most drivers don’t consider themselves to be aggressive, but road rage affects more than half of us at some point in time. The time spent in traffic jams by an average Delhi-ite has doubled in the last 6 years. It is a common sight to see people rushing for deadlines, carrying their work related stress on the road and carrying stress from the road to their homes or workplace! With significant amount of time spent in traffic each day, a stressed mind can make one more vulnerable for accidents and incidents of road rage”, says Dr. Sunil Mittal, Organising Chairperson of the WFMH World Congress of Mental Health.

As a rider by heart and psychiatrist at CIMBS, Dr. Sameer Kalani urged the stressed youth of today to pursue their passions and hobbies for a productive life and for building a stronger nation. “Superbike riders are passionate about their riding and the mean machines they ride. We all have gotten together to promote positive mental health and safety on the road, as both these issues are important for a healthy and safe life”, Dr Sameer Kalani added.

Highlighting the issue of road rage and mental health, Delhi based psychiatrist Dr. Shobhana Mittal added “Constant stress can also take a toll on physical health as well as psychological well being, leading to Depression, Anxiety, Anger Outbursts, addictions, poor work productivity and overall quality of life. At today’s Bike Rally, we are seeing people taking a pledge for “Longer Rides with Calmer Minds”. Driving with a calmer mind can help focus on the road better and avoid accidents, saving lives! Moreover, lowering your stress levels can boost your physical and mental health!”

The Bike Rally for Mental Health saw some prominent bike riders who were accomplished in their respective fields of entrepreneurship, medicine, engineering, law, teaching and some even having served in the armed forces, come together to generate awareness about Mental Health issues, and talking about how they find solace in riding.

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