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Navi Mumbai doctor successfully replaces 35yr old’slost thumb in an accident by grafting the toe

~ Dr Vinod Vij, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon at Hiranandani Hospital Vashi-A Fortis Network Hospital conducts this rare procedurehelping the patient get back on job ~

In April 2017 a 35yr old Rishi Kurne fromKalamboli, Navi Mumbai had lost the thumb of his right hand, while working on a machine at the factory where he is employed. His thumb got trapped and amputated. He consulted Dr Vinod Vij, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeonat Hiranandani Hospital Vashi-A Fortis Network Hospital. During the consultation, the doctor explained to him that his amputated thumb was crushed beyond repair and it was not re-plantable. A re-plantation surgery is only possible if the amputated part is not crushed, and in such cases the doctor finds the vessel and joins them under the microscope.


As first line of treatment, Dr Vij he used his skin from the patient’s abdomen for grafting the thumb, to provide immediate relief,but it continued to hamper his routine work as he could not operate machines or handle equipment.He continued to eat food with his left hand and took longer time to do tasks that he could have easily done otherwise. Understanding his challenges, Dr Vij suggested that the patient’s toe, which is of the same anatomy, could be used to replace his thumb. After explaining the process to the patient and garnering consent, the doctor went ahead with the replacement surgery in June 2017. This was a very rare procedure where the toe was used to replace the thumb through a micro-surgical process that could pose complications. Dr Vij’stechnical expertise in conducting this procedure, enriched the patient with a fully functional hand. It took about six hours to conduct the surgery.

It was a very difficult phase for the patient as he struggled with his everyday chores and work was hampered, using his left hand did not help much. Since this is a surgery where the patient loses their toe, it is difficult to convince the patient and their family members to consent for the procedure. However, the Kurne family stood with Rishi’s decision of going ahead with this surgery.

Speaking about the procedure DrVinod Vij, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi-A Fortis Network Hospital,said, “This is a very rare procedure in which we effectively secured all veins and arteries of the patients hand and the surgery was a success. After one month of the surgery, the patient was able to eat with his right hand and is also was able to hold things. He was discharged within five days of the procedure and he has now resumed work where he is efficiently handling the machinery”.

Supporting a family of five, the sole breadwinner of the family now continues to go about his daily chores without hindrance.

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