Sahyadri Team Transforms 5 Lives in 6 Days through Consecutive Organ Transplants

Pune based Sahyadri Hospitals’ medical team recently accomplished a never before heard of feat, successfully completing 5 liver & 1 Kidney Transplants in 6 days working tirelessly with clockwork precision. Understanding the need of hour, the expert team of doctors from Sahyadri Hospitals, operated five patients in 6 days recently, who were suffering from Wilson Disease, Cryptogenic, Liver and Kidney failure and Liver Cirrhosis. The dedicated surgeons, anaesthetists, technicians and transplant coordinators all worked tirelessly in complete sync with each other to ensure that each surgery was a complete success. Started on 20th September, all the way till 25th September, all surgeries were successful.


Sahyadri Hospitals’ Liver Transplant Team performed the first operation on 20th September on a 17 year old girl suffering from Wilson’s disease who underwent a 8 hour long surgery for liver transplant with the donor liver being procured from a cadaver. The second surgery was scheduled on 21st September where a 61 year old patient suffering from liver and kidney failure was operated for 2 transplants – a liver and a kidney in one surgery. The transplant team started its third surgery on 22nd September where a 42 year old patient suffering from liver cirrhosis received his organ replacement from a living donor and surgery was completed in 22 Hours. The fourth patient, a 65 year old male underwent the transplant procedure on the next day where the surgery started late into the night and despite a complication due to Portal Vein Thrombosis, the Sahyadri team was successful in the operation. The patient was suffering from Liver Cirrhosis. The last procedure was a successful liver transplant of a 35 year old man and took 22 long hours.

Out of 5 liver Transplants performed, 2 were living donor Liver Transplants, while 3 were Cadaveric donor Transplants.

Sahyadri Hospitals’ medical infrastructure and advanced technology that went hand in hand with the dedicated medical team, ensured the success of the complex surgeries. The delicate and critical nature of these surgeries required a great deal of organizational skills, extremely detailed planning and flawless execution. Backup and contingency plans were also made to ensure that there was nothing left to chance.

The team comprised of experts like Dr. Bipin Vibhute – Liver Transplant & Hepato-Pancreatic and Biliary (HPB) Surgeon, Dr. Sharan Narute – Liver Transplant & Hepatobiliary Surgeon, Dr. Dinesh Zirpe – Liver Transplant & HPB Surgeon, Dr. Anurag Shrimal – Liver Transplant & HPB Surgeon, Dr. Gaurav Gupta – Liver Transplant & HPB Surgeon, Dr. Manish Phatak – Transplant Anaesthetist & Critical Care Specialist, Dr. Sandeep Kulkarni – Hepatologist & Gastroenterologist, Dr. Abhijit Mane – Asst. Surgeon, Dr. Anil Vaidya – Pancreatic Surgeon, Dr. Sachin Patil – Nephrologist, Transplant Coordinators Mr. Arun Ashokan & Mr. Rahul Tambe, Medical Social Worker Ms. Sharmila Padhye and a strong support team comprising of highly skilled ICU & OT nurses,  technicians and other staff.

Dr. Bipin Vibhute, Multi-organ transplant & HPB surgeon, Sahyadri Hospitals said, “Sahyadri Hospitals’ Transplant Team performed a total of 6 transplants in 6 consecutive days which required stamina, resilience and well-coordinated team work. The medical team was continuously inside the OT for 6 days straight, as one transplant took about 12 – 22 hours. This set of surgeries conducted is testament of the capabilities of the medical team and hospital infrastructure, hard work & dedication of entire medical & non-medical staff at Sahyadri Hospitals.”

Sahyadri Hospitals is one of the best known and reputed hospitals for quaternary care and is especially well known for its expertise in organ transplants. The hospital boasts of a full-fledged liver transplant team with three liver transplant surgeons, dedicated transplant anaesthetist and hepatologist and efficient support staff.

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