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HITES builds prototype models for health facilities

In tune with the Centres initiative of assisting states in setting up healthcare facilities, HLL Infra Tech Services Ltd (HITES), has developed prototype models for building super-speciality hospitals, medical colleges and cancer treatment centres.

HITES is a subsidiary of HLL Lifecare Ltd (HLL).

Union Health Secretary C K Mishra said such a pioneering initiative would help various state governments in executing healthcare projects with greater efficiency and in a reduced time frame.

“Meeting infrastructure requirements of healthcare delivery, especially in futuristic smart cities, would involve meticulous planning, efficient execution and cost- effectiveness.

“Besides the state governments, even private players in healthcare sector would benefit enormously while undertaking projects like building hospitals, medical colleges and super- speciality health centres,” Mishra said.

There are also handbooks about these prototype models which provide information on hospital architecture, such as costing and estimation, land requirement, infrastructure and service planning for healthcare facilities.

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