CallHealth Goes Live

CallHealth, a technology driven integrated healthcare and wellness provider, launched a unique experiential program- the Go.Live initiative, where CallHealth CXO team and other officers accompanied Medical Health Officers (MHOs) while they delivered health, medical and wellness services and products to customers.

CallHealth Goes Live

Over 100 CallHealth officers including product managers, technologists, finance as well as HR managers decided to Go.Live with the objective to experience the delivery of new-age healthcare services real-time. With the Go.Live program CEO Hari Thalapalli & his team interacted with customers & patients in their homes to seek feedback on services provided.

In the process, CallHealth focussed on-

  • Identifying potential opportunities for service failures
  • Spotting redundancies and identifying intervention leading to effective and optimised service delivery
  • Mentoring the field officers to help them manage customer expectations in a better manner

Sreekanth Nadella, Chief Operating Officer, CallHealth said, “The Go.Live program helped us take corrective steps and ensure “our best” becomes better. We had first-hand experience of service delivery and the feedback given to us by our customers and patients. At CallHealth, we are always exploring novel ways to interact with our customers and make our services more person & patient focussed.

The initiative covered all of 22 Points of Presence across markets – Delhi, Hyderabad and the surrounding 8 spokes (AP and Telangana State). The CallHealth team experienced service delivery of over 335 customer orders and spent over 450 hours on field visits in less than 3 months. After the successful “field initiative”, we extended the Go Live program to the CallHealth call centre, where product management officers across all service lines attended to 590 calls in the span of 5 working days.

The initiative helped us redesign and bring in some unique solutions, such as:

  • Ergonomically designed mobile medical kits for more than 300 CallHealth MHOs
  • Introduced alternate pricing and payment modules to make it easier for customers to transact and pay for the services in cash or digitally
  • Personalising the entire experience and introducing customised solutions such as smaller syringes for certain customers
  • Additionally, the field officers (MHOs) have undergone refresher trainings on customer engagement skills

Through the unique initiatives CallHealth is working to transform the service centric healthcare system into a more person focussed industry. The CallHealth 3-Dimensional structure consisting of the Virtual, Physical and Innovation platform integrates the entire healthcare eco-system (doctors, diagnostics, medicines, physio, hospitals, insurance, et al) onto a single technology platform. Each transaction is recorded and the information gathered is analysed for valuable healthcare data points thus making healthcare more personalized and effective.

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