This monsoon, senior citizens seek for a caregiver cum companion

Mehru Dastur, 76 year old from Colaba, finds it difficult to step out during the monsoons. As Dastur stays alone she finds it difficult to manage on her own. But, with the help of a caregiver who stays with her through the day, Dastur is now able to take baby steps. There are many senior citizens like Dastur who stay alone and find it difficult to manage on their own especially during the bad weather, outside.

Monsoons, is the period when the slippery roads and unpredictable weather makes it difficult for senior citizens to carry on with their day to day activity. Nightingales, is a specialist in home health services that focuses on providing medical and personal care. With the help of a companion, Nightingales makes it easier for senior citizens to travel or stay at home comfortably during the monsoons. The caregivers act as a support or companion, especially when the senior citizens are confined to their rooms due to the bad weather.

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Dastur had difficulty in mobility because of her age, but was keen on going out onto the garden and meet her friends. But, even before the advent of rains, her maid started taking frequent leave citing weather issues. This is when she was introduced about the services offered by Nightingales and Dastur was very happy with the prompt service. “Although I had called for the day time services, on two incidents I required help during the night as well. They immediately sent a caregiver despite the rains. It has been very convenient and helpful for me,” said Dastur.

The caregiver, who is with Dastur for 12 hours during the day, looks after her personal grooming, feeding her when she is ill and also takes her out for a stroll. This gives Dastur a companion all through the day. It helps keep her active and hygienic. “Nightingales provides special services during the monsoon other than the long term services. During monsoon, the bad weather makes it difficult for senior citizens to step out and a companion helps them to go out and also makes them feel less lonely if confined indoors. These caregivers have contact details of all doctors and are able to call them in case of an emergency,” said Kiran Joshi, regional head, Nightingales Home Healthcare Specialist.

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