20th Cadaveric Donation of the year, in Mumbai, enables Heart, Liver and Kidney Transplants at Fortis Hospital, Mulund

Brain dead youths family consented to donate her Heart, Kidneys and Liver ~

 Heart, Liver and a Kidney transplanted in-house, a Kidney sent for a waitlisted patient to city hospital ~

 Mumbai witnessed its 20th cadaveric donation of the year, when the family of a 24yr old brain dead girl, admitted at Fortis Hospital, Mulund, consented to donate her organs. The donated Heart, Kidneys and Liver enriched the lives of three recipients for Heart, Liver and Kidney at the hospital itself; the second Kidney was sent to for a waitlisted patient at a city hospital.

The cadaveric donation became possible, when a 24yr old privately employed girl from Airoli, Navi Mumbaimet with a road traffic accident, which left her with severe traumatic brain injury. Admitted on May 22nd, she was pronounced brain dead early today. Post informed counseling, the family, who knew about the concept of Organ Donation consented to donate. The young girl is survived by her parents and a sister.

The recipients include, a 14yr old boyfrom Byculla who suffered from Dilated Cardiomyopathy and had been waitlisted for a Heartsince March, a 27yr old female from Nasik who suffered from Wilsons Disease and Liver Failure and had been waitlisted for a Liversince the past four months and a Kidney to a 27yr old male suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease, with a history of a failed Live Kidney transplant, previously. The Paediatric Cardiac Heart Transplant was conducted by Dr Vijay Agarwal, Chief of Paediatric Cardiac Surgery, Liver and Kidney transplant was conducted by Dr Rakesh Rai, Senior Consultant Hepato-Pancreatic-Biliary & Transplant Surgery, Dr Pankaj Maheshwari, Chief Urologistand Dr Haresh Dodeja, Nephrologist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund

Donor’s uncle Raja Louis, who helped encourage the young girl’s parents to donate organs said, “We knew about the concept of Organ Donation and readily agreed to donate; while we lost her early, we believe that she continues to live within four deserving people”.

Speaking on the occasion of Mumbai’s record number of cadaveric donations and the three organ transplants at the hospital, human-organ-donation-960x678, Mulund, said, “It is indeed gratifying to see how the community is now far more aware about the cause of Organ Donation, and agree to donate when counselled. It’s a giant step towards building a healthier society now that families across all strata’s, ages, ethnicities and communities are opening up to this case. We will remain indebted to the young girl’s family and are very proud of our Clinical Teams and Medical Social Workers who have worked tirelessly to enable these transplants”.

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