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Practo unveils its new brand identity

Practo, the leading healthcare platform, today unveiled its new brand identity and positioning – Your Home for Health. Practo’s platform is expanding rapidly and the new brand identity better represents the larger purpose and range of businesses that Practo now has around the world.

The positioning ‘Your Home for Health’ embodies the powerful concept of having a single, trusted and familiar place where consumers can find doctors and book online appointments, chat online with doctors, order medicines and lab tests, store health records and even read health articles written by doctors. For Practo-new-brand-identityhealthcare providers, Practo is the platform that helps them connect with consumers, provide a better patient experience as well as provide tools that help them manage and grow their practice.

In the last year, Practo’s various offerings have made significant progress to create a strong platform:

  • 116% growth in patients visiting Practo
  • 81% more appointments booked
  • 157% growth in reviews on the platform
  • 7M records shared on Practo Drive since launch in Mar-16
  • 150% growth in online consultations on Practo
  • 60% more enterprise customers including marquee customers such as Max Hospitals, Manipal Hospitals and more
  • 114% growth in patients internationally
  • 129% growth in international appointments
  • Medicine delivery will cover Top 7 cities in India by May 2017

Practo is now focused on opening the platform to more healthcare stakeholders including insurers, pharmaceutical companies, medical devices companies and others so they can build new services on top of Practo’s platform and deliver a superior healthcare experience for both consumers and providers.

Practo partnered with New York-based graphic design firm Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv (CGH). They have designed some of the world’s most iconic and enduring brands including National Geographic, NBC, Oculus, Mobil Oil, Chase Bank, Armani Exchange, Sony Entertainment, Showtime Networks, and more

The brief to CGH for the new brand identity was to create a global brand that symbolizes the platform role Practo plays in healthcare. The identity must encompass the complexity of Practo’s offerings but at the same time, depict it with exceptional simplicity.

Your home for health decoded

The positioning- Your home for health, signifies that Practo is the single destination for consumers to take care of all their health needs as well as those of their loved ones. Practo is the trusted, familiar place where consumers can take good take care of themselves and their families, assessing health issues, finding the right doctor, managing records securely, and finding new ways to live a longer healthier life.

Healthcare providers use and benefit from Practo because it is the trusted home for health for millions of people. Practo provides a definitive platform for them to build their presence, to grow their practice or business and to engage their patients in a way that was never possible before.

The new logo and brands

The new distinctive logo symbolizes the platform role Practo plays. Consisting of two dots at either end with Practo in the center, it denotes that Practo can connect any two stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem – they could be a hospital and a patient, an insurer and a patient, an insurer or a provider and more. Each can now easily connect with the other through Practo.

In addition to the master brand, Practo also has 4 product sub brands for its products sold to healthcare providers. These are Ray™, Qikwell™, Insta™ & Querent™.

Shashank ND, Founder & CEO, Practo said “We are excited to reveal our new global brand identity that better reflects our role in the ecosystem. Practo is the platform that connects any two stakeholders in healthcare, be it patients, providers, insurers, medical devices and more. Our positioning, “Your Home for Health”- reflects what we stand for; the trusted and familiar place where consumers can find solutions for their healthcare challenges. For healthcare providers, we are the single destination that connects them to patients as well as provides them the tools to digitize, manage and grow their practice. As we open our platform to other stakeholders in healthcare, we are excited to see the amazing experiences they will build to dramatically improve healthcare around the world.”

“The new identity had to take care of the current and future growth for Practo, it also had to stay true to its vision to help people live longer, healthier. It was a challenge for us, as Practo is a unique company & has created a space of its own and the identity had to reflect that. We set out to re-articulate the identity as ‘Your Home for health’ which encompasses everything Practo stands for -’your trusted & welcoming home for health’ where users & health care providers come together“ says Sagi Haviv, Partner and Designer, CGH

“The new visual identity is bold, distinctive & memorable and embodies the spirit of ‘Your Home for Health’. It showcases two circles which represents Practo establishing connection between two entities whether its customer and the healthcare provider or any two health care stakeholders” says Mackey Saturday, Principal Designer, CGH

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