AddressHealth with Rs.10 crore series funding reaches out to counsel healthcare and mental wellness in schools

AddressHealth, a paediatric primary care continuum which received Rs.10 crore in series A funding from leading social venture capital fund is now reaching out to schools to counsel healthcare and mental wellness programmes.

The company’s school health programme’s cloud-based EHR has health data of over 150,000 children, allowing it to analyze health trends amongst urban school children and help parents take preventive health action for their children.AddressHealth

In association with Parikrma Humanity Foundation, AddressHealth felicitated schools with innovative healthcare practices. The second edition of the award had Dr Shalini Rajneesh, principal secretary, health & family welfare, government of Karnataka as chief guest.

The objective was to recognize schools which are spreading awareness on leading a healthy life among children. Over 73 schools participated in the awards, with 54 of them being inducted into Parikrma Address School Health Hall of Fame for addressing at least three domains of school health covering timely health check up, health education, mental wellness & in-school health services.

Eight innovative best practices were identified by a jury consisting of public health professionals, nutritionists, counsellors, educators and social workers.

Some of the innovations included Swachh Paanch Abhiyan and Preventive Dental Service. All the school children undergo preventive dental procedures dental cleaning, fluoride application on the teeth, pit & fissure application twice a year. The dentist visits are scheduled during their free hours which resulted in the tremendous improvement in oral hygiene of children. It resulted in prevalence of plaque or calculus to fall from 24% to 5% and dental stains from 10% to 4%.

The event featured a panel discussion on whether the Measles Rubella Vaccination campaign in schools was a disruption or an innovation? The panel led by Dr Latha, deputy director immunization, department of health & family welfare, govt of Karnataka said that the state had already covered over 1 crore children were vaccinated.

“There is no truth in the unsubstantiated rumours that are being spread using social media. We are countering such rumours with our own education campaign,” she said.

“We partner with schools to drive preventive healthcare. Last year, we found around 170 children in schools undiagnosed with heart murmurs, requiring surgical interventions, said Dr. Anand Lakshman, chief executive officer, AddressHealth.

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