National Seminar Sow Rigpa organized at CUTS University of Varanasi

The national seminar on Diagnosis was organized on 10-12th February 2017 by Department of Sow Rigpa CUTS (Central University of Tibetan Studies) in Varanasi to give the credible knowledge of diagnosis on Tibetian medical treatment. Sow Rigpa is the medical Tibetian system for diagnosis. It became a part of AYUSH in 2012. In this seminar they have invited well-known doctors from across India and they have shared their opinion, views on it.

Delhi based Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal from Agarwal Homeo Clinic was invited on this occasion. He has shared his views on this. “He said that Sow Rigpa is the new edition in AYUSH medical treatment and very helpful too. I have always been a part of this kind of Seminars to increase knowledge and can enhance our strength or how can apply Sow Rigpa in homeopathy for the welfare of the patients. It was a great experience to interact with the CUTS teachers and other doctors.”CUTS is a central University which is funded by the central government where they have educated people about Tibetian medical system called Sow Rigpa. The motive of this seminar was to give knowledge on diagnosis in which they were requiring knowledge on homeopathy ways of diagnosis

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