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Trends In Preventive And Wearable Health Technology

By Hisao Masuda, Managing Director, Omron Health Care, India 

Healthcare and technology are being integrated together to offer consumers with the better products and services that helps them to remain healthy. Thanks to the technological advancements, today, almost every second person wears a healthcare monitoring device- popularly known as wearables. They are one of the most innovativetools to keep an active check on one’s health. Counterpoint Research reported a million wearable devices were sold in India in 2015. This clearly shows that keeping fit is slowly becoming a way of life and people are taking the required preventive measure to stay healthy.preventive-and-wearable-health-technology

With the rising incidence of lifestyle disease like hypertension, asthma and other cardiovascular ailments, many healthcare companies are innovating devices that can be used as a wearable to keep a constant health check. The beauty of such wearables like Omron Healthcare wrist type BM monitor is that it can be easily used while on the move, making healthcare monitoring portable and allowing patients to take the required precaution. Some of the other preventive and wearable health tech trends include:

Wearable devices:

Since wearable fitness devices, began to appear on the market, the healthcare community has recognized their potential to provide unbiased, accurate insight into patient activity. Patient-generated data can be used to improve preventative care strategies, monitor patient outcomes, and analyze overall trends in patient populations.

Wearable Sensor:

They are another tool aimed at helping the healthcare industry shift toward prevention. The user attaches the wearable sensor, which uses “skin-friendly” adhesive and the sensor collects data, such as the number of hours slept and breaths per minute; and the sensor wirelessly transmits a summary of the data to the user’s device, such as a smartphone.

Preventive health process/methods are costeffective:

Relative to treatment procedures, preventive health interventions are cost-effective, both from the prospective of health service payers and public funded health systems. Early diagnosis and prevention of disease and its symptoms reduces burden on inpatient/outpatient care, ambulatory services, medications, and rehabilitation.

Sensor Insole:

The insole can be used in any shoe to measure the distribution and motion parameters for patients and athletes.It helps to correct the balance problems by providing sensory stimulation to the feet when it detects that the user is conflicting from their normal balance.

While the healthcare industry continues to experience the technological revolution, the future of will be very different from today. It will involve fundamental changes in the way healthcare solutions are designed and delivered.


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